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Welcome to Go MojiLife, Kevin Moore’s blog and a team of founding, independent distributors with MojiLife. In October of 2016, MojiLife burst onto the scene with incredible force. Powered by the patent pending AirMoji, MojiLife has experienced incredible success in just a short time. We invite you to take a look around this site and contact us with any questions. MojiLife is going places. We invite you to come along for an incredible ride! These kind of companies are rare. MojiLife Products are unique, exclusive, and diverse. It starts with the AirMoji and our fabulous MojiPods, but MojiClean is sure to impress as well.  MojiLife’s payout plan is both balanced and dynamic. Our mission is to evaluate your environment, along with your lifestyle.

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The future of fragrance is MojiLife


Bye bye wax! No more wax-idents. The AirMoji eliminated the messy wax and the potential for spills, the headache of disposal, and the worry of yet another wax-tastrophe! Meet the candle of the future.


Bulky warmer cord got you down? Not with the AirMoji. Simply charge this smart device from MojiLife for 4 hours and get 60+ hours of portable use. The AirMoji is revolutionizing the way the world will do fragrance!


The annual report of house fires caused by candles was astounding at over 13,000 last year! The AirMoji is flame free and worry free! No soot, no flame, just fragrance like you’ve never experienced before and don’t want to live without!


Did you know that the AirMoji can be connected via a Bluetooth app that is compatible with Apple and Android devices? You can set it and forget it. Schedule your AirMoji to get the most effective use of your fragrance.


The AirMoji also diffuses essential oil wicks. This amazing device is a hybrid that will dispense your favorite fragrances and also diffuse your aromatherapy essential oils from MojiLife.

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