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Enjoy Every Moment with the MojiLife products, opportunity, and rewards!.  Partnering with MojiLife, our team of professional, eclectic business builders can help you with identifying and achieving your Moji mission.

MojiLife | Out of the ashes…

How did MojiLife get it’s start? Well, it all started with a call from Fire Dispatch at 4:30am. Arriving at the scene, Darin watched their office building, their warehouse full of inventory, and their business endeavors enveloped in billowing smoke. Fire raged through the building destroying everything within a matter of hours. His business partners, Darrell and Glenn, were in South Africa visiting their families. Darin made the emotionally devastating call about the fire to his partners.

The business burned in the middle of the night, so fortunately nobody was hurt. But with nothing left, the business was left homeless. Hari, their business associate, reached out to Darin to offer them a temporary home in his building. They accepted Hari’s offer as they began to rebuild; they worked under the same roof for nearly a year.

The four entrepreneurs became close and trusted friends. Darin, Glenn, and Hari have decades of combined experience in designing, manufacturing, and marketing innovative products. This experience and passion combined with Darrell’s strength in operations and administrative procedures completes the formula for success. Out of the ashes of the fire, rises a new and exciting opportunity.

What is MojiLife?

The Right Company. The Right Time.

MojiLife held our official soft launch in October, 2016. In just a few short months, this opportunity is achieving remarkable things. Moji momentum is alive and well. YOU can be a part of it. This product is in high demand and you can partner with MojiLife as one of the pioneer distributors where you live. This kind of opportunities don’t come around often. Contact us today and get in on the ground floor!

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Ground Floor

Soft Launch was October, 2016!

Not saturated like so many companies

Get in, get going, and get on your way with MojiLife. Your purpose, our plan. Opportunities like this don’t knock twice. Less than 1200 distributors worldwide!

Industry Leaders

Ready, set, Go MojiLife!

Teamwork makes the dream work

Never pushy or applying pressure, our support team is here to train, help, and edify. Plug into our support systems and get on your way with MojiLife!


Systems for success

High Tech and High Touch

With over 25 years of combined experience in the direct sales industry, Go MojiLife is here to help with building your business & reaching your goals!
Distributors and counting
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“Enjoy Every Moment”

with MojiLife!

Ever wished you would have joined one of those “legacy” companies of the past? You know the ones, the startups that take off and reach elite levels! Well, now is your time! MojiLife is prepped for amazing things. Come and be a part of it!

We Are Passionate

We are passionate about great products & great people. Join our Go MojiLife team & help us create an amazing company. Go MojiLife is about lasting legacy & real relationships!

We are Committed

Our team is committed to unity, support, & assisting one another in our business. We have a motto, “Rising Together” where we have a mission to reach new heights collectively!

We have a Plan

Maybe at first it is your people…our presentation, but we will show you how to share the MojiLife products & take full advantage with MojiSocials, MojiCash, & more!