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Ready, Set, Go MojiLife is coming to Australia! The 3rd international market for MojiLife is set to launch in July of 2017. AirMoji is ready to make its mark on Australia. The patent pending device that has had so much buzz by customers and distributors alike is making its way to the “land down under.” This product evolution is starting an industry revolution and now it is going worldwide. Next stop, Australia! Safer, simpler, and smarter… the AirMoji is the new and improved way to make your surroundings smell great! Choose from MojiLife options like Summer Vacation, Serendipity, or Coconut Lime and experience the fragrances of a naturally based and non-toxic alternative to scent. The MojiLife delivery system is unlike anything released before. It is a pioneer of the scent revolution. The AirMoji operates with a battery that charges like a cell phone. One 4 hour charge lasts over 80 hours of continuous use. Something similar to a computer fan silently and effectively pushes airflow through a saturated wood core that is harbored in a cup we call the MojiPod. The result? Fragrance like you’ve never experienced before. No mess. No hassle. Oh and did we mention that you can set a schedule and control the AirMoji with an app from your smart phone? Last but certainly not least, the AirMoji also diffuses some of your favorite essential oils like Lavender, Peppermint, Lemongrass, and Spearmint. This innovative device is complimented by a catalog of products that every home is incomplete without. MojiLife has an entire organic cleaning line that is highlighted by MojiLoo- The #1 for #2 (a pre-use bathroom spray), but also has laundry detergent, MojiFresh- stain and odor eliminators, toilet bowl cleaners, and much, much more! Distributor opportunities are available. So, what are you waiting for? This opportunity won’t come around twice. The first 1,000 distributors are considered Founders for MojiLife Australia and so contact us today to learn more!

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