MojiLife Canada

MojiLife Canada

MojiLife Canada: Are you ready? MojiLife has catapulted out of the gates in America, pre-launching on July 1st and soft launching on October 27th of 2016. MojiLife’s remarkable start can be attributed to an unparalleled company headlined by brilliant compensation, strong culture, and an unrivaled product.

The AirMoji has been a hit! This product evolution is starting an industry-wide revolution. In the first 6 months, MojiLife did over 2 million in sales! Now we are bringing that momentum to our friends north of the border! MojiLife Canada will pre-launched in February of 2017! Mark your calendars and ready, set, go! Canada is already falling in love with MojiLife!

This is truly a once in a lifetime opportunity to help pioneer a fantastic market with a fantastic company. MojiLife offers dynamic compensation, a strong foundation, and our mission is for everyone involved to, “Enjoy Every Moment.”

Have you ever witnessed as a direct sales company launched in Canada and asked yourself, “what if?” What if you got involved? What if you helped lead the way? Perhaps you have even seen companies come to Canada and no one heard of them and now they are household names? Seize the moment with this MojiLife Canada opportunity!

Go MojiLife is looking for ambitious people to help carry the MojiLife banner in Canada. The time is now and this opportunity has no ceiling! Whatever your goals might be, we believe that MojiLife can help you achieve them. Big or small, we have a success plan and outline that can help you be on your way. It starts with the patent pending AirMoji and the amazing delivery system of the MojiPod. Customers and business builders alike have fallen in love with, “Fragrance On Demand.” No wax, no heat, no flame, no soot, no water… just luxury fragrance that is controlled by an app that you connect via bluetooth.

MojiLife launched in Canada in February of 2017! MojiLife Canada offers the exciting prospect of building a legacy! Contact us for more information on this amazing journey!