MojiLife is coming to Germany! Deutschland, are you ready? The AirMoji is set to launch in Germany in 2018 and the revolution continues. The AirMoji is the next step in fragrance infusion. Our Go MojiLife team is looking for network marketers, direct sellers, and motivated distributors to help lead the way in our 4th MojiLife market. We are confident that the people of Germany will love the Moji Products just like America, Canada, and Australia before. If you are interested in pioneering an emerging market and being a founder for MojiLife in Germany, contact us today and we would love to share the details for enrollment and how to get started. The time is now. The United States reached 1,000 Founding Distributors in just over 30 days. Canada reached their 1,000 Founding Distributors in just 6 months. Australia is growing rapidly with this opportunity. MojiLife is looking to change lives with this opportunity in Germany. Join us and get in for the wave of momentum that the Moji Products and attached success vehicle is sure to bring. You can be a Founder for Germany as MojiLife starts a new chapter of what is sure to be a great market.

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