Why MojiLife? The MojiLife Compensation and Rewards!

  • HOST A PARTY: With MojiLife, we put the party in home party! Hostesses will receive 20% MojiCash on all MojiSocials that have a minimum of $200 in retail sales! Plus, you’ll receive a hostess gift and one 50% off product from anything in the MojiLife catalog.
  • BUILD A TEAM: MojiLife has a dynamic payout plan that can reward you handsomely for team building. Our lucrative compensation can help you achieve goals regardless if you have visions of part time, full time, or big time! Check out the MojiLife compensation plan and contact us today with any questions.
  • SELL SOME PRODUCT: Direct sales more your speed? MojiLife has the rewards for you! Simply share the AirMoji and the rest of the MojiLife product line with family, friends, and neighbors and get 20-25% paid back in commissions on all retail sales.
  • THE TIME IS NOW: Ground floor opportunity! Launched in October of 2016.


See first-hand the incredible difference owning your own business can make. Being an entrepreneur empowers us to push past who we think we are and rise up to who we were made to become. Success in direct selling isn’t easy – but it’s completely worth it.

The single most important decision you’ll make as you consider starting your own direct sales business is which company you’ll become a part of. There are plenty of great options to choose from, but MojiLife is something special…

In terms of trends, the most successful direct sales companies in 2015 offered a handful of key elements…

  • Social Sharing – companies that offer owners the opportunity to sell BOTH online & offline – at home parties, big events, one and one and online via social media do best.
  • They offer patented, “flagship” products that customers love and, this is important, that customers use and want to buy often. Consumability is key! It’s tough to find LOTS of new customers each and every month – success follows sharing products every single customer will purchase every single month.
  • And lastly, successful companies offer products people have true passion for and that are simple to share and use. Life is already complicated! Sell something that’s fun and most importantly, something that’s EASY to talk about, demonstrate and explain.

MojiLife’s got all this and then some! Last year the home fragrance and decor segment generated over 2 billion dollars in sales… surely some of that should be yours! MojiLife is a brand-new, ground floor opportunity that is perfectly positioned in the marketplace. Contact us today to learn more!